Rooms and Rates

Group Rates




Rent the entire second floor of the Lodge for $7500 per week.



Rent the entire third floor of the Lodge for $5000 per week.


Dial (315)858-2058 to discuss your booking options

The Lake House comprises four properties:

  1. The Lodge, on the shore of Canadarago Lake

  2. The Baseball Hotel, within Richfield Springs

  3. The nearby Townhouses

  4. The arcadian Cottage, along with two separate Cabins


Property                     Location                                                         Price Range                Number of Rooms

Lodge                         2521 County Highway 22                             $100 - $180                                     14

Townhouses             10 Gould Avenue                                            $130 - $195                                      14

Baseball Hotel         10 Gould Avenue                                            $125 - $195                                       14

Cottage                      2521 County Highway 22                             $425                                                     1

Cabins                       2521 County Highway 22                              $175                                                     2

New York State sales tax of 8% and Otsego County Bed Tax of 4% are not included in displayed prices.

All reservations are final. In the event of a change in plans reservation dates may be rescheduled but not cancelled.


       The Lake House Restaurant &  Lodge

 2521 County Highway 22

Richfield Springs, NY 13439

One mile south of the light in the center of town onto Lake Street. 

                          For Lodging: 

                    The Baseball Hotel

 10 Gould Ave.

  Richfield Springs, NY



        There are no cancellations.