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The Lake House Lodge

*There are two cats living at the Lake House Lodge premises.*

Second Floor

*All rooms have Wi-Fi, Air-Conditioning, and Cable T.V.

2nd floor common2nd floor kitchen

There are eight rooms on the second floor, each with a private bathroom.
In the center is a common area with sofa, chairs, and a gally kitchen.

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Third Floor

*Free Wi-Fi, Cable TV, Outdoor Deck, Private Entry, Kitchenette

3rd floor common3rd floor common2

The third floor is newly renovated. There are five rooms that share the same common room with cathedral ceiling. A deck provides a glorious view of Canadarago Lake and the expansive lawn of Lake House.

There is a staircase at both ends of the third floor for easy exit. The third floor can be entered via a staircase on the second floor or the staircase at the north end of the Lake House that has a deck and is ideal for private access.

During the renovation, a state of the art sprinkler and alarm system were installed. Similar to the second floor every room has linens provided, cable TV, and free Wi-Fi.

The third floor has five rooms with baths. Four of the rooms have one queen bed and a fifth room with two queen beds. Three of the five rooms have air conditioning. The other two have floor to ceiling windows that provide cool breeze from the lake.

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Current Hours:

We are open seven days a week 11-9pm.

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Current Events:
All Day Concert Complimentary on Sunday May 26th!

Sunday June 30th- Frank Sinatra & Barbra Streisand Tribute Concert @ 7pm

Saturday July 20th-The Lettermen @ 7pm

Put Your Head on My Shoulder, When I Fall in Love, Theme from A Summer Place, Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, and Goin' Out of My Head

Saturday August 17th- Billy Joel & Elton John Tribute Concert @ 7pm

Saturday July 27th - The Back40 Band @ 7pm.

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